The Internet is full of information. Syndication, IDX, Virtual Office Websites, broker sites, national portals, public record sites and many others provide consumers with data. Lots and lots of data. Finding, sorting and understanding that data is difficult for a real estate professional and can be absolutely unmanageable to the consumer.

Enter a property address into and it quickly searches the Internet, delivering a clear and easy-to-read list of links for all the information you really care about.

ShackShout! helps home buyers educate themselves about the neighborhoods and cities they want to live in. Find out more than how many bedrooms the home has. How good are the local schools? Is my favorite pizza place nearby? How bad will traffic be during rush hour? All of these questions and many more can be answered by following links prepared for you by ShackShout!

Listing Presentation - Be the information expert! Stay a step ahead of the consumer. Know what they’re going to ask even before you walk through the door.

Marketing Tool - Show your sellers where you’re marketing their property.

Featured Properties - Add property photos for your listings.

Branding - You spend a great deal of time and expense on your brand. Keep your name, logo and contact information in front of your clients and customers when they’re researching properties.

Reporting - Track the number of new and returning visitors to your pages. See which properties get the most views and which links get the most clicks.

Support Your Subscribers - Help your MLS subscribers be more effective and efficient by providing them a low-cost/high-value service.

MLS Branding - can be branded to your MLS, reinforcing your value to your subscribers. provides this opportunity both through a free and small fee solution.